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Electric Starter Motor AND Kickstarter not engaging

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I'm new to older motorcycle engines. I've had some experience my '66 Chevy with a 327 and basic repairs on my 2000's truck.

I recently purchased my '74 CB360 and I purchased it with a carb rebuild and a tune up. The bike has started up and ran wonderfully since I bought it. I was running errands around town and riding on a flat straight road at a consistent speed when I heard a sound (pop, crack, snap, etc.) in the engine. It then cuts out and I pull the clutch, coast to the sidewalk.

I hit the electric start and I can hear the starter spin but it isn't engaging anything. No compression from the exhaust, nothing turning in the engine. Then I try to kick start. The kick starter just spins freely. Not engaging anything and again, no movement in the engine or compression. What could I have damaged that both the electric and kick start aren't engaging anything in the engine?

It's been a few years since I've owned a bike and I planned on spending the summer riding and then rebuilding the engine and building a cafe over the winter. I'm hoping what I have is a minor issue that I can fix in a day rather than starting my rebuild now. It's worth noting that I've had the bike only two weeks and put only 40 miles on it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Not sure until ya open her up. BUT you can get a preliminary peek by taking the head off and you can do that without taking the motor off the frame

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Get the factory service manual. We have a pdf on the forums. That will walk you through a complete rebuild but you can use it for the just the cam chain.

Does your bike have the recall work done on it? The recall involved the cam chain tensioner.

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