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I'm going to finally commit to selling my long standing restoration project that is always sitting on the back burner whilst life gets in the way.

There is a thread on the bike and project over here -

It is in need of a complete restoration and is not running though many of the hard to find parts have been acquired and are in good or NOS condition to complete the majority of the restoration. There is basically two or more engines worth of parts that can be combined to make one good engine along with a good bucket of spares for future needs.

The bike is located in Los Angeles though I'm willing to assist with shipping at the buyers expense.

I'm open to offers and cash is good, however there has been a substantial amount of money spent on NOS parts so it isn't exactly the cheapest way to get into a Black Bomber project bike, though it is a good way to acquire a somewhat low number production bike with many NOS parts, with much time already spent acquiring said parts over the years.

If I can't come to an agreement somewhere near what I would need, I will part out the expensive NOS parts and then see where that leaves me with the rest to be sold as a less complete project or fully parted out.

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