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Anyone here ever owned a newer Ducati?

I'm considering buying a Ducati Dark for a daily commuter bike... any thoughts?
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Heck yes!.... If you can afford one, get it!.....

I've only ridden and owned an older one, (250 Diana).... but recently drooled over a "monster" to the point where I considered copying the trellis frame (in slightly reduced size) to hold a Sprint engine (which somewhat resembles one cylinder and the cases of the Duc twin), but I could not afford a small enough inverted fork (from a 50cc Derbi) for it.....
In case it is NOT apparent, I enjoy building offbeat designs ALMOST as much as riding them..... Steve :D

The "Duc" engine.....

Now, picture that with the "top" cylinder removed (or hidden by the frame/body, and compare it to this:

The "Harley" Sprint sure shows its Italian heritage... from the cylinder angle, to the almost vertical intake, to the "boxy' main cases......

I'd prefer a real DUC of my own, but maybe I can just "borrow" yours?......LOL... Steve
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price wise they're not too bad. I can find a 2000-2003 for around $3500 or so.

About the same price as anything else I was looking for (Triumph speed triple etc..)
If that pricing seems to be do-able....Go for it!...Ducs are a different (but fun) animal...
I have a 2005 SR2 800 Monster and love it, seating position is sporty but comfortable compared to my old 900SSCR Ducati. I bought it off ebay 2 yrs ago for 5500 bucks with only 1800 miles on it. It's not the quickest thing I have owned or the flashiest but it is a great "standard" bike for commuting and the like.
have you ridden two up on it?

my wife likes to ride with me sometimes, and I would like something that is manageable for a couple mile tour with the wife (40 miles max usually...)

Yep, the wife actually likes to ride the Monster, specially compared to the Super Sport! We can pretty much sit upright with out her laying on my back. With 40 miles max I think the bike would be more than comfortable and if your going to get the Dark you won't have to worry about storing the seat cowl . I actually found a real cool folding messenger bag that I store under the seat just case I have to give some pretty girl a ride or pick up a 12 pack. ;)
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