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Disaster Strikes!!

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Man, just as I thought I was closing in on this 450 project....

Finally got the energy to go out and time the cams up, all was well.
Then went to set the valves and discovered the right intake wouldn't adjust.
Guess there's something wrong with the adjuster shaft, even though it looked like it was in perfect condition.
Naturally, that was my last master link, so now I get to take it back apart and wait a couple weeks to get some more master links.

Rats !! :x :? :roll: :cry:

Like Rosanne Rosanadana said, "It's always something - either your adjuster shaft doesn't work right, or you get a chive stuck in your teeth".

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Bill, I assume you mean the excentric..... I really can't picture what could make it fail to adjust (rotate)... maybe a pinched o-ring hanging it up.....??????????.... Bent excentric shaft...?????????....... This is something new to my experiences with 450's..... Please let me know the root cause when you find it.... Sounds like a problem I'd like to avoid..... You have my sympathy.......Steve
That does stink Bill. Didn't mean to bring you my luck when I was up there. Sorry about that.

Steve -

It does rotate - around and around and around.

But the tappet never gets tight enough.
My six-year-old grandson was in the garage the other day - I'm beginning to suspect he may have "experimented" with the engine while it was on the bench there.
Now that I think of it, it was sitting there with the right intake valve open (cam chain not connected yet) and a 14mm wrench on the alternator.
Could he......would he...... YIKES !!.

Uh, oh - as I suspected (and feared), the valve got bent, not closing all the way.
That's why it wouldn't adjust, it's not the adjuster at all.
Somebody turned the engine over while it was in that vulnerable condition - maybe somebody 6 years old????

Anyone have a spare intake valve for a 450??
Part # 14711-292-000

The only spare I had got screwed up by the machine shop when they did the valve job.

OK, some good news at least - just scored two new intake valves on EBay for $25.

Now the wait begins.

Hang in there Dude!...... I know your engine's Doctor..... There WILL be a full recovery shortly after the transplants arrive..... Let's see.... sutures, master-link, gaskets,....
66Sprint said:
Hang in there Dude!...... I know your engine's Doctor..... There WILL be a full recovery shortly after the transplants arrive..... Let's see.... sutures, master-link, gaskets,....
Yeah, it will live again - I refuse to get angry about it.
Chain links (3 of them this time), head gasket, and valves all ordered.
The rest of the gaskets can be re-used, they were new and I put them on with a bit of silicon, which allows re-use most of the time. Plus I was smart enough to photocopy all the gaskets prior to this, so I can make them if I need to.
The head gasket I always replace as SOP. Expensive, but I don't think it's smart to reuse that one.

So I'll be ok - I know the 450 like the back of my hand. Though it's been a long time since I worked on one, I didn't have to consult the manual even once.

That's what happens when you have kids around, stuff mysteriously gets screwed up all the time. And I love the little skunk intensely - he absolutely LOVES working on the bikes, especially using a speed wrench or socket/ratchet. "Lefty-loosey, Righty-tighty", he always says.
Always hanging on me when I'm working on them - that's sort of why I suspect it was him.
Though he's only just turned six, I'll try to explain to him the importance of never turning the crank when the cams are not turning too. He already understands how they're connected, and the difference between 180 degree engines (450), and 360 degree engines (Grandma's CB200).
I promised him he can have the CB200 when he comes of age (though I won't be around to see it), and he's thrilled.

Incidentally, Steve, the CB400T front wheel thing finally got worked out (I replaced both bearings and the speedo drive), and the aftermarket master works perfectly with the 400T caliper.
And the damper you built is just splendid!!

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Cool!...Glad you like it!.....I hope you can try it out on the highway before it gets TOO cold....... I still want to see more of your posts and pics in the "project" diary......
Incidentally, here are a couple of shots of my "helper".

First, using the speed wrench (he loves that tool) to help tear down a 450 engine.

Then sitting hopefully on his bike-to-be (someday).

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Hmmph. Looks like a little delinquent, to me. Probably did it on purpose....

Gee I sure hope you have a sense of humor! :mrgreen:

That's the coolest thing ever! I have 'before' pictures of my son, then about 2, helping me on my CB350. Then, I have 'after' pictures of the same boy, then 16, helping me again on the same bike! The two pictures were, for a while, my computer desktop background at work. Got all sorts of comments.

Looks like a fine boy, and developing good habits early!

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He's a great little boy, and sweet too, always with the smile.
For some reason he thinks grandpa is pretty cool.(Shows what he knows, huh??)
Of course all that will probably change soon enough.
He's actually the son of my adopted son - never got to have any myself, sadly.

Incidentally, that kitchen range in the background is here for anyone who wants it. It's one of those smooth-top ceramic electrics, and the top got cracked (hmmm, I wonder who did THAT??), but the burners work perfectly.
Anyway, it's the best oven I ever baked with, but I didn't fix it, got a gas range instead.
So for the price of a new top, you'd have a pretty good stove - yours for free.

The boat is for sale (nose is just visible), if anyone is interested just let me know. 18 feet, 90 hp, power trim/tilt, less than a hundred hours on the engine. A lot of crappie met their doom in that boat.

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