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direction of the front axles/fork tube lower pinch cap - SL350 K0/K1

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Currently working on an 70' SL350_k0 with the 2 bolt axle pinch system under each fork tube. (33mm set up, possibly same as CL/CB of those years?) There is a thinner side and thicker side to the axle cap. My manuals are vague :eek:

When the cap is squeezing the front wheel/axle, does the thicker end of the bottom fork tube axle cap go to the rear of the fork (i.e. towards engine)? Or does the thicker side go to the side away from the motor (ie. ahead of front wheel)

The torque the front squeeze nuts before the back nuts... correct?

Thanks much!

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Thick end forward like in your second photo. Torque that first. The idea is to have a gap at the back, and that gap is what allows the axle to get pinched.
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The original spec was 'thin' side forwards so axle was fully supported during braking.
However, all later models had lower clamp piece reversed as all sorts of crap was getting driven into the gap causing studs to corrode.
Not sure what year (probably 72~73?) all models had 'Thick' side forward to keep dirt and water getting driven in and an arrow cast onto the clamp
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