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The poor bike was in a tornado according to the previous owner, which I'm inclined to believe because there are no scrape marks on the crash bar, handlebar, or exhaust, plus the way everything was bent. One such bent thing was the tach and speedo. Both warped pretty bad along with the dummy lights, ignition tumbler, and the bracket that holds it all. I decided to paint them since I scuffed the housing a bit while bending then back into shape. I decided to try Rust-Oleum's hammered finish bronze in hopes it would hide the sins of nature's damage and my rework. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend! Only thing I would say is that the hammered finish takes much longer to truly cure than other rattle cans and even then, it's prone to wrinkling if you REALLY push on it. Then again, if you really push on regular spray paint, you're just gonna get fingerprints.

In addition, while disassembling the tach housing, it occurred to me that the metal ring which holds the top and base together would not be reusable considering just how mangled it was. I decided to drill 8 holes on each and thread wire through. I was using what I had on hand, so that meant blue wire and hot glue, which I may replace with clear silicone sealant later on. Good news is that the 1/4" flexible hose I picked up for a couple bucks fit perfectly around the seem and hid nearly everything. This is a practical build for the most part though, though, so I'm fine the the old "it looks good until you get to 2 feet".

Without further ado, enjoy what few pictures I took!


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