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danWI from MSN DOHC 450 group coming in...

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dan here in Wisconsin, just wanting to intro myself... been wrenching Hondas since teens beginning with my poor-abused '71 125S and countless hours with 350s. i was given a well abused K3 450 and been "improving" her for 15 years or so.... and no she currently does not run! in my honda stable you'll find my original '71 125S (lilsh*t) which i found quite on accident and bought back, '70 CB350 (purple) project with CJ360T parts, '71 CB450 (ole blue), '68 CL450 engine-frame (WhatWasiThinking?) that might become something someday, and lotsa honda spares. glad to be aboard to greet old aquintances and make anew! danWI
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Welcome Dan!... I'm sure you will recognise some members of the MSN group over here.... Steve.....
Hey !!!

Is this Dan Bauer????
Good to see somebody from the badger state have 2 450 riders 2 parts bike in southwest wi.
4 years.
That's some serious grave digging
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