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cre8tiv1 from SE Michigan

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Hi. I stumbled upon this site while surfin' the site. I've been on a couple CB450 sites throughout the years. I've seen a couple of you guys on those other sites as well. No shortage of old Honda sites it seems. LOL.

I've been slowly working on a couple of bikes. I work a little bit on 'em, get distracted by something else, and then come back to them later.

The first one I have is a 1975 Honda CB500T. Picked it up from a buddy for under $400. It needed some work. It came with a yellow tank and side covers. Looked like it had been dropped some time back. I'm sure it would have just run fine if I just cleaned the carbs and changed the oil but instead I decided to hack it apart the first day in the garage. I had the cafe racer bug and needed to just get something out of my system. It was good therapy. I still have the bike but now it's about 4 or 5 years later (I lost count). I still want to finish it and probably will unless someone shows up at my house with a bag full of cash.

The second one I had was a 1986 Yamaha SRX-600 that I got from another buddy for under $2K. I thought it would be an easy fix since it had a couple of bugs but, it ended up being more of a problem than I wanted to deal with. I eventually sold it to a good home where it's already been brought back to life.

The third one I have is a 1979 Honda CT90. I got this one from my step father for free! Gotta luv free stuff. He gave it to me because he knows I'm interested in bikes and he wasn't doing anything with it. I quickly got it running and flew around the block a couple of times. Now, in it's current state, it's mid-refurbishing. I've had quite a few parts powder coated last fall and now I'm waiting for the weather to break so I can get the main body out to paint. Once everything is back I'll be throwing it together this summer.

The fourth on I have is a 2003 Buell XB9S. I got this one for under $5K from a friend of a friend's friend. Great bike. This is the one I ride because my projects are nothing but projects. I've thrown some carbon fiber bits and a loud exhaust and HID lamps on the Buell but I don't tinker with it. Everything on the Buell is bolt on.

The fifth one I have is another 1975 Honda CB500T. I found this one for under $1K while looking for a parts bike for my other CB500T cafe project. I can't bring myself to cut into this one though because it's all original and just needs a little work to be a full runner. So far just the starter switch has busted and the tires are shot. So a couple of parts and some elbow grease and this one will be up and running shortly.

So, that's all I've got as of now. It's already too much for the wife. She'd be fine with it if the bikes actually ran. I don't think she understands the process of project bikes but she appreciates the outcome. I'll be lurking around asking questions and posting stuff up from time to time.

I'll get around to posting up pics when I get some more time. Is there a gallery on this site? Maybe I'll just post links to my Picasa site. I dunno.

Talk to you soon!
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Links to my albums...

Here's my 1979 CT90 the day I picked it up fresh out da barn: ... directlink

Here's the current state of the CT90: ... directlink

Here's my 2003 Buell XB9S: ... directlink

Here's the most recent 1975 Honda CB500T I picked up: ... directlink

I still need to make albums for my other bikes so this is all you guys get for now! :D
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tbpmusic said:
Believe it or not, the CT90 is probably the most valuable bike you have.
So take care with it.....
I believe ya! I intend to have it, use it, and take care of it for as long as I live. (that sounded like marriage vows, doh!)
Bird76Mojo said:
That's quite a nice stable you've got there! I've always wanted one of those Buells. I like the shortness of them compared to other rockets..

That CT90 looks to be a nice survivor as well.. :D

Welcome aboard!

GB :mrgreen:
Thanks. Yeah, I looked at the Buells for a while before I picked one up. A buddy of mine turned me on to them. Before that I don't think I would have stepped foot into a Harley dealership. They are pretty stubby. They've got plenty of attitude.

Yeah, the CT90 just had a bit of bird poo on it. Not too much though. She should be looking pretty by then end of summer.
jayel said:
tell the wife you can be out in the garage with the bikes or down at the bar with the guys and see which one she goes for :twisted:
She knows, she knows. She puts up a good fight. I just let her do her thing. I still buy and keep and ride the bikes no matter what she says.

leethal said:
cre8tiv1 said:
Here's my 1979 CT90 the day I picked it up fresh out da barn: ... directlink
I thought I was the only one who excitedly crammed newly aquired project bikes into the back of cars... :D
High five on that one! You're the better man though.... I borrowed the RAV4 I used from work! Just made sure I put plenty of cardboard, towels, and newspaper down. It was all good.
Here's an album I set up for the 1975 Honda CB500T cafe racer project: ... directlink

I'll be adding more images when the weather gets better.
Bird76Mojo said:
I'm anxious to see some updates on this one! By the way, you stole my rearsets!! AND my tank I believe!! Give em back!!! :lol:

Those Tarozzi rearsets actually work really well in the passenger peg location don't they. Mine feel perfect there, as I'm 6ft tall..

GB :mrgreen:
Weird, I'm 6ft. as well. Are you sure you're not me?

I don't have the rearsets hooked up yet. Can you give me some info and pix as to how you set yours up? That's one of the first things I want to jump on this spring.
Cool, thanks GB. I'll have to look for some of that threaded rod and linkages. Could I buy some rod and thread it? Not sure what type of rod I need and what thread size and pitch is needed. Can anyone help me out if I don't end up buying some kit on eGhey?
JeyLux said:
welcome man, i am jealous of that buell!

I am in michigan as well, Southern Flint, Fenton/Linden area.

Work in Novi.

Where abouts are you?
Cool, cool. I'm in Clinton Township out east on the eastern Sterling Heights border. I hang out around Lakeside Mall off of M59 / Hall Road. I work in Warren.
Bird76Mojo said:
Here's an expensive option that may still be the wrong length for you: ... 240%3A1318

This is pretty much the exact one I used, after I welded a piece into the middle of the rod. NOTE: Shifting or changing gears may be stiffer than originally. It's the little splined lever that would be the problem. But they can be found on Ebay a little longer if desired.. ... 240%3A1318

Thanks for all the info GB. I think I'll go tinker out in the garage tonight. It's getting up to 60 degrees today! Gotta love it!
tbpmusic said:
cre8tiv1 said:
She knows, she knows. She puts up a good fight. I just let her do her thing. I still buy and keep and ride the bikes no matter what she says.
So....... a real tough guy huh??
Man of The House, I Wear the Pants, ........

How about if I email a copy of that to your wife??
:eek: :eek: :shock: :shock: :? :evil: :evil: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Yep, I'm a real tough guy.

If you email a copy of that to my wife I'll just say Henry wrote it.
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