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Hi all,

So when i bought my CD250U 1989 it came with the stock air box removed and air pods installed to rubber hoses connecting to the carbs. The air pods are the flatter cone style ones and come out at about 45 degree angles from each carb as there isn't space to go straight out due to the bike's frame.

Because this is a cafe racer project, the air box area has since been filled with the battery etc so there is no longer space to reinstall an airbox.

I am stuck with air pods but the bike has been recently tuned to work with them better.

Unfortunately the legality of air pods where I live is questionable particularly if they are poorly secured which mine are (zip ties etc, dodgy job). They have fallen out twice now while riding.

So since I am stuck with air pods I want to properly secure them and/or hide them.

My question therefore is, what can I do to secure these and is it ok to cover air pods with a fabricated side panels made of fibre glass? Will enough air still get to them to make them function properly?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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