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Correct air box cover color

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a 1973 CL350K5. When I pulled the air box cover (which is blue, but doesn't exactly match the blue on the tank), I was surprised that there are signs it was spray painted.

Its no surprise a previous owner would have painted replacements if the originals were cracked or lost.

The emblems look like replacements which is why i checked plus i thought the covers were not painted from the factory but the plastic was that color.

Does anyone know the correct air box color for a blue 1973 CL350K5?

Is blue right or were they originally white?

My guess is blue and these are replacements. I tried searching the net for old print ads in '73 but came up short for blue.

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The one in your profile looks normal to me. The blue on the plastic does not have the silver sparkles and depth like the candy blue tank paint. Im sure all the sidecovers have some overspray from the factory. Keeponwrenching has videos on cleaning and repairing the side covers if need be but I dont see anything wrong with yours.
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