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So I bought myself a sportste cause I've always wanted a harley for that sound. Kinda like you want a cammed V8 for that unmistakable American muscle sound. Well shortly after, my wife says to me I've always wanted a motorcycle too. So of course I'm all excited and run right out and start looking to upgrade my 883 to a 1200 and find a sweet sportster 1200 48 and figure I'll give her the 883 but she's super intimidated by the weight and having to operate a clutch and everything else new to a motorcycle and asks if there's anything automatic. So of course the hondamatic pops into mind and I sell the 883 to get one with intentions to build into a cafe style bike cause I don't care for the stock look. So we find one, a 1982 cm450a kinda locally finally and it's pretty rough but whatever I want to change alot anyway. We buy it and I start right away with the cafe conversion. Then one day luckily not too far in she says, your bike (the 48) is so sexy and bad a$$. So I immediately stop the cafe direction and switch gears to make it at least resemble the look of my 48. We've been at it for a few weeks now, so I'll try to get things in order the way they happened. I'll start with the beginning and where we're at cause everything that's happened in between is kinda crazy! Lol. I'm sure plenty of it will be typical and some is just crazy for us as it spirals and unfolds.
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