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Hi to the group.
I have been setting up the carbs to run with pods and straight through pipes and wanted to update what I have done and where I am with the set up.
Thank you to the great sticky's which I followed re setting up pods!...great start point and to the replies from much more knowledgeable members than myself.
Reading lots of posts it became clear that the the carbs are the gods when it comes to getting these bikes running well. All the information supplied on the group says so and I just wanted to re iterate that point.
I gave the carbs a quick look and put them back on and it ran but with the primary cylinder rich and the other one pretty much on point! I was getting bad uneven running loss of power and popping and banging at times...a bike which was totally un ride-able.
So carbs back off for the 4th time as I had been trying different jets which just confused the issues. This time it was a full carb breakdown very thorough clean, learning as I went. and a full re build...This is what I found...
Both air valve diaphragms were this and were showing light through them so these were replaced.
The Accelerator diaphragm was also very hard and the little rubber dust seal was inside at the base of the brass post and the small rubber seal was mashed up. this was replaced.
Next was the float bowl float needle was very weak this not shutting the fuel off so replaced this too and checked the float heights again and they were now ok.
One of the floats had some fuel on it which I wiped off only for it to appear again, on closer inspection there was fuel seeping from inside one of the floats on the top edge closest to the hinge side...this was a lucky find!! so replaced this for a new one.
Now put 80 mains and 125 secondary jets and one shim under the needle (as per the sticky advice).
New mixture screws fitted. and 1 1/2 turns out to start with.
New rubber seals where needed and finally got the carbs re built and back on the bike today after having bench sinc'd the carbs .
Fired her up and voila!!! one cool running bike! went out for a ride today and all is good pulling through the gears with no apparent flat spots.
Checked the plugs after the ride and they are both running well and look the same colour.
I will dynamic sinc the carbs and will have a play with the mixture screws in due course but I want to run the bike and put a few tanks of fuel through.
In summary I have learned the importance of the sensitive carb and how they need to be 'perfect' to run well so I would automatically change out all the parts that can and do degrade over time (rubbers and plastics) and ensure they are super clean throughout all the network of air and fuel ways.
Thank you to all on the group for the help and advice in getting me to this point and I am happy to say...It is true you can set these bikes up with pods and straight through pipes.
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That leaking float will definetly cause a rich mixture. Shake them to listen for gas inside. The solid ones get saturated ,too.

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