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CM400 helmet mount...anyone got a picture?

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I bought this on Amazon:

Yet I have no idea where/how to mount it. I assume I need this bracket:

But where on the bike does this mount?

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okay, that helps, thanks.
closer and stripped
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Well...that's all fine, but dang it! The moto has saddle bags!

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It's a Huge Pain In The Butt to use, but if you're restoring the bike, i guess you need it... I restored mine and put it back on, as in I replaced it. (Mine never worked even after a gallon of oil) I thought it was kind of stupid unless you had a Locking Seat! Oh,and today's helmets don't even have a metal ring!
And if someone wanted, they could cut the strap and fix it later, ring or not. Keeps honest people honest, as they say. I have a quick release, and will never go back. It is safe enough, in my opinion.
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