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I was on a hot ride today and Had to leave my motorcycle at a diner 5 miles from my house. I was riding with friends for about an hour on a hot humid. day. When tried to leave my CM200T would not crank at all from the start button. I could kick start it but it would only idle with the first setting of carb choke. If I tried to add throttle it would not increase RPM, kind of made a dug dug dug bog down sound. I am leaving it there overnight to see if it is cool in the morning to I can get it back to the house. Doe the engine have some type of overheat resister? Or some safety feature?

Any advice on things to check if it does the same thing in the morning.
I will be generally checking before starting ,
Oil level
remove spark plugs and examine.
Check Battery charge (New battery , less than month old , 6 volt version of the bike)

Update, I went back to the cycle. It still has the same problem. I pushed it over to a auto zone. One person there suggested that the battery dead and the idle only problem were unrelated. He indicated that getting the carb cleared out probably would get me past idle only problem to get the cycle home without a truck ride. I am going over early in the am to take the carb out and clean it.
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