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Hi Gents-

Couple odd issues on my 1980 CM200- But first ill say what ive already done.

- Brand new, filled and charged 6v battery
- New plugs
- Oil Changed

1) When I go to start the motor with electric start, it doesn't really want to catch. It will crank all day till the battery is dead, and it will sort of sputter/catch sound like it wants to catch, but then not. Then with a simple kick start she starts right up.

2) Once started, ( and part of getting it to start ) the screw on the Carb ( Idle adjustment screw?) Needs to be cranked clockwise about a half turn for it to stay running without any revving. Once its warmed up fully i can back it off to a nice low rpm idle.

Ive had the bike for almost year. The Odometer reads 11k...but who knows how accurate that is. Speedo cables are easily removed and replaced. Its really only been acting like this about a month. Ever since I bought a bigger bike. Maybe its just jealous?

Thanks for any advice. I will wrench all day given a direction from more educated folk. Just point me.
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