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Clutch Drag

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Hey guys,

So now that I finally have plates for my 76 cb500T I can actually test ride it legally (an important thing when you live in NYC). While stopped at red lights I noticed that at times my bike wanted to creep forward. As I understand it this is called drag yes? Anyway, I suppose the next order of business is taking apart the right crankcase and inspecting the pressure plates and springs with calipers. Clutch freeplay seems to be ok. Any suggestions/ ideas?
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tbpmusic said:
Here's my method for clutch adjustment-

To adjust, screw the adjuster on the handlebar IN all the way.
Then loosen the bolt on the sprocket cover.
Pull in the clutch lever all the way and hold it there loosely.
With a big-blade screwdriver, rotate the slotted adjuster on the sprocket cover clockwise - you'll feel it pull the clutch lever out.
Leave a little bit of slack in the lever , then tighten bolt down.
End of clutch adjustment. Now small adjustments can be made at the handlebar.
...and don't forget to make sure the cable adjustment at the sprocket cover is not at one extreme or the other. I like to use the sprocket cover adjustment, initially, in lieu of the clutch lever adjustment. Like Bill, I then make minor adjustments at the lever.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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