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Clutch Drag

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Hey guys,

So now that I finally have plates for my 76 cb500T I can actually test ride it legally (an important thing when you live in NYC). While stopped at red lights I noticed that at times my bike wanted to creep forward. As I understand it this is called drag yes? Anyway, I suppose the next order of business is taking apart the right crankcase and inspecting the pressure plates and springs with calipers. Clutch freeplay seems to be ok. Any suggestions/ ideas?
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The clutch cable could still need adjustment. You might take off the primary sprocket cover as well? The clutch actuator rod goes through the cases from the clutch side to the sprocket side. If that rod is deformed on the sprocket end it won't fully release the clutch. It would'nt hurt to have that cover off for inspection anyway. There's a little ball in there somewhere I think, DON'T LOSE IT. I don't remember all of this with the greatest clarity as it's been quite a while for me.

Others will chime in with added suggestions..

GB :mrgreen:
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