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Hello everyone
I'm italian, im trying my best to explain the problem in english. So:

I have a 1979 Honda CB 400N bought few months ago. I started cleaning all aswell, including changing all the gaskets. I removed the right clutch carter to clean it and replace all the old gasket and the red gasket maker. When I reassembled everything, all was fine but the actuator clutch didnt disengages the clutch. All the parts seems to be ok. The bracket, the lever, the spring, everything has no broken/damaged parts. I also spent many hours to search it on videos and CMS parts lists.
I have many questions:
Did I miss the part that goes into the bearing to help the actuator to disengages the clutch? (This is not even my engine and motorcycle) Maybe the old owner lost it.

The rod/clutch lifter has to be flat to the carter when in resting position?
If it has to be "flat", the position of the lever/arm seems to be right at eleven oclock, forced by the rod clutch lifter by the shape of the lever.
Those are some screen from a video I made to a friend to understand whats wrong

I really cant understand whats wrong. I'll attach also a photo before the work, when the clutch was working, a lil bit hard but working.

Thanks to everyone, I hope I was as clear as possible


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First, DO NOT use any silicone "red gasket maker" in/on this engine....Rubber or paper gaskets ONLY....
Shaft of lever in outer case may be worn out.....
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