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How do folks. Not been around here for a while . . .

. . . anyways, I've just paid more than I should for a '66 CL77, which has been standing unloved somewhere mercifully dry for what I'd guess to be a very long time. It's pretty much complete, although it'll need a fair bit of TLC (together with brakes and cables) before it's anywhere near usable. But I've always loved the look of the '77's so I'm happy.

The one concern I have right now is that the original brake switch mount has snapped off. It was hard to spot because the switch itself had been replaced with what looks like a period correct aftermarket part and bolt on mount. The rear brake was really badly adjusted when I got to it and I assume the switch got clattered when a PO let the pedal spring up - and instead of stopping against the underside of the footpeg, the switch and mount took the full force and the whole thing just sheared off.

Since I'm almost certainly going to strip the frame and have it recoated, I'd like to get the frame fixed up. And so here's the $64mil question - do any of you have access to a frame that doesn't have a switch mounted in it that you would be kind enough to take a coupla photos of so I can get some sort of idea of what the bit that's missing should look like and the angles it should be fixed at? I'm guessing I could maybe weld a stack of 2 or 3 washers together and tag them to the frame, but your opinions on a fix would also be welcomed.

Thanks in advance

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