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CL360 Owners Manual

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I have a nice working CL360 but was missing the owner's manual and could not find one online. Recently I purchased an original manual on ebay in very good condition. I have scanned all the pages and created a nice PDF that I would like to upload. Does Twins allow for document uploads like our photos in albums? Do we have storage space for manuals? Please share your methods for sharing files.

Thank you.
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We don't store manuals on the forum due to copyright issues.
Understood, we keep the site clear of legal issues. From the many other forum postings, it appears we permit documents hosted offsite and linked here. I will attempt to make the owner's manual available this way. Thank you for the clarification.
PM sent about adding to the library
Could you post a link to download the owner's manual? It is 35MB in size, too big to email to folks. I could generate a smaller PDF if needed.
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