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Well,after the bike breaking down, and a new battery purchased, it's still not right. Stripped and ready for testing stator, wiring, reg and rec. Bit of cleaning and fettling along the way.

I wish I was better at electrical diagnosis as it really baffles me.

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WOW - For troubleshooting a Charging System you stripped down WAY more than was required.

What you needed to do was test the Stator for Continuity and that can be done at the PLUG on the harness that out from behind the Clutch Adjuster & Front Sprocket Cover.

Then TEST the AC Output of the system per the FSM

Finally Test the Regulator.

Stator Windings rarely go bad.

But the OEM Regulator & Rectifiers go bad just sitting.
I can see in your Pic that your rectifier is an OEM unit.
Whether it is original or not there is really no way to tell.
They are best replaced with a COMBO Regulator/Rectifier available form several of the supporting vendors on the site.

The OEM's when NEW & working well were about 65-75% Efficient.
Where the Modern Solid State single unit replacements are 85-90% efficient.

One of the BEST Modern Upgrades that can be done and really get a bang for your buck.

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yeah best way to test is to check charging voltage when the bike is running at idle then at 3500 rpm.

if your not seeing 14+ volts at 3500 rpms replace the rectifier.

99 times out of 100 that's all you need.

the combo units are nice and a better option but for pure simplicity, low cost and easy to do.

jut replace the rectifier with a modern one that plugs in the same connector.

whole job should take 10 min.
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