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Mark here from UK.

Recently purchased bike and am having the same charging problems as a lot of others.
I have searched this forum and the web but not really found any conclusive solution.

I have fitted a 4 wire rectifier/regulator.
red/white to +12v
green to ground/-ve
yellow to ac (tee'd with white where it leaves stator)
pink to ac

Previous owner had replaced headlight, it's connected so that it comes on via the switch with the ignition on but engine not running i.e. it's connected to battery.
The the white from stator was connected to yellow/white in headlamp shell but not connected to headlight switch as this works, as does kill switch, when it's disconnected.
I still have to investigate how this connection is made.

He had also fitted electronic ignition.

I have connected white to yellow where they exit stator as suggested in other posts.

I have checked ac out of stator and the readings appear good.
But I barely get over 12v at the battery with 5k revs.

Do the green,black and yellow wires that were connected to the regulator just become redundant or do they need connecting to something?

Thanks in advance.
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