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CL350 Front Tire

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Hi everyone. Any suggestions on a front tire for a 1969 CL350. Originally took a 3.00-19 which I can't find. Currently the bike has an IRC 3.25-19 but it actually measures out a little over 3.75 wide and is actually wider than the IRC 3.50-18 on the rear!!!! I've seen a few 3.25-19 tires (Dunlop K70, etc.) but would like to know if anyone has actually used a 3.25, what model, and how it fit. Thanks a lot.
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Yes, I understand that. Unfortunately, nobody makes a 80/90-19. Closest is a 90/90-19 which is nominally 3.543 inches wide. That is why I was looking at the 3.25 width tires, some of which are still available in inches.
Hi Steve, thanks for that info. I will look into that tire, it's not one I had seen.
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