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Cl350 1969 starter was working before engine mantience

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So I got in a cl350 project recently. It cranked up well with the starter but wouldnt idle very good or run consistently so I took the carbs off went through those and clean them and replaced anything that needed replacing. I also adjusted the clutch, ignition timing and valve height since I had the exhaust etc out of the way at the time. I followed common motors videos for all of these procedures. I also installed a new halogen style headlight.
After I put the bike back together and tried to start it up all I get is a click. No turning of the starter. I checked the power coming from the seleniod and I am getting power in the starter side of the selinoid when I push the start button.
Did I mess up my starter when adjusting the valves and Ignition?
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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