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Cl350 1969 starter was working before engine mantience

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So I got in a cl350 project recently. It cranked up well with the starter but wouldnt idle very good or run consistently so I took the carbs off went through those and clean them and replaced anything that needed replacing. I also adjusted the clutch, ignition timing and valve height since I had the exhaust etc out of the way at the time. I followed common motors videos for all of these procedures. I also installed a new halogen style headlight.
After I put the bike back together and tried to start it up all I get is a click. No turning of the starter. I checked the power coming from the seleniod and I am getting power in the starter side of the selinoid when I push the start button.
Did I mess up my starter when adjusting the valves and Ignition?
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No. Take the battery out and have it load tested. If possible, stay away from those Common Motor videos, a lot of their information is crap.
Try gently tapping the main motor body, the centre part, whilst pressing the starter button and hearing the solenoid click.

If the starter motor bursts into life, suspect sticky brushes.

Only lightly tap the starter motor, do not go hitting it with a big hammer !

A light gentle tap or two....

If your gunna take the starter motor off, be very carefully undoing the thick wire terminal going to the starter motor.

Make a thin spanner to hold the lower nut.

Hold the lower nut and lead, preventing both from turning, as the top nut is undone.

These is a danger of the whole motor terminal post turning which will be bad bad bad.

Make that thin open ended spanner

See for starter motor exploded view
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I assume the bike is a kO and has a good fully charged battery.

Done any painting ?
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