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Originally posted in wrong forum, sorry.

The K7 uses a 520 chain, same as CB200

When I got my K7, I fitted a CB175K6 chain and sprocket set, think that's a 428 chain, 16/38 sprockets.

I'm thinking about reverting back to the CL gearing and heftier chain. I know my original rear sprocket is a 35 tooth, but can't find my original front sprocket to check its size.

CB200 chain and sprocket sets are widely advertised, with 15/35 sprockets. 520 chain. I'd have thought that this would be higher gearing than the off road CL, so does anyone know what sprocket the CL K7 used ? 14t ??
I think I can answer my own question, just found a badly worn 14t 520 sprocket in my box of scrap bits.
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