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Am attempting a sympathetic restoration on my little fella (read cleaning it up a bit). Gear lever was looking a bit manky (well it Is 52 years old) and some of the chrome has gone AWOL. Thought I would see how much a replacement lever is here in the UK so rang David Silver Spares as it wasn’t listed on their website. Not available. The part fits 26 different models and
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is not available. Discontinued. Unobtainium. There was a crowd on US EBay offering new ones made in Taiwan that would fit for 50 bucks plus shipping but were the wrong shape anyway.
So I bought a tin of modeller’s chrome enamel paint and will touch it up. Not sure how it will last but I have no intention of riding this beauty in bad weather. I will post before and after photos in the next couple of days and you folks can tell me what you think.
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