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CL175 / CB175 headlight compatibility

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I have a new-to-me 1971 cl175 that is missing the headlight lens. Searching online parts sites I see the headlight for my cl175 is part number 33120-307-671 and is not available anywhere besides cmsnl for $$$. The same year cb175 uses headlight part number 33120-292-673 and is widely available and reasonably priced.

I searched and found this thread where someone said they were able to use the cb part on their cl, another guy tried the cb part and said it was too large a diameter headlight.

Looking for a definitive report on compatibility based on experience. Does the part number different reflect a difference in diameter or something else that makes them incompatible? Or is the cb part usable on the cl? Would also be interested in any aftermarket headlights that fit the cl175k3-k6.
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66Sprint may have answered this in the thread/post linked above. I'm new here but have gathered that he's usually not wrong.
Reading item descriptions for the part numbers described in the forum link in my previous post did not give me confidence that 33120-292-672 (appears to be roughly 6-1/8" diameter) or 33130-235-672 (superceded by 33120-292-673; also appears to be 6-1/8" diameter) would be a suitable replacement. My cl175 headlight measures smaller at about 5-1/4" diameter. I ended up finding a reasonably priced NOS replacement by searching for SL175 and SL350 headlights and confirming the Stanley part number match of HM-14M-S.
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