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CB750F 1980, CJ360T 1978 (aka CJe project)
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So I will probably have to replace the shocks on the CJ (as they are most likely as old as I am) but on closer inspection, they don't look stock. The fact that they are red and also the air valve has given me some pretty big clues that they aren't original.. Maybe they are Marzocchi (without the extra 'limb' they often have sticking out)? Colour is right, if nothing else..

Does anyone recognise these aftermarket shocks? I'm guessing they might have been popular in the mid 80's in the UK. Google image search on the logo didn't bring anything up so I think I need some knowledge from around that time, if anyone can help! Label on one side has completely gone and the other side is pretty tatty. It appears to be 'Si' although I'm not sure and underneath 'Made in....' but again, I'm not sure!

Thanks in advance..

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