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When a pal of mine offered to sell me a complete CJ360T for £100 I could not refuse. I didn't like the look of the thing but at that money I didn't expect too much. I stripped it down and sent the frame for powder while I wondered what I would do with it.
Another friend popped in with an old copy of Classic Mechanics with a feature on the Honda scramblers and that set me on the road to where I am now. I'm doing a CL style bike and have sourced many parts already. The picture below shows where I am now after much blood sweat and polishing, replacing bent inlet valves, wheel rebuilds and carb cleaning.

Thanks to the forum and Ash in Hull I have managed to get the carbs assembled and set up.
I have hit two snags which I cannot find the answers to. 1. The rear drum looks to be rotated too far anti clockwise. I have checked the torque arm length and it's correct. Also the brake lever appears to be touching the swinging arm. Hmmmm. any suggestions?
Problem 2. The front wheel spindle looks like it's sticking out too far on the left as you look at the photo. The other end is tight and the spacer is the correct one. Forks are straight. I must be missing something but Haynes (master of mystery) is of no use whatsoever. In fact I do believe the CJ manual to be the worst I have yet encountered.
I am now on the look out for a chrome front mudguard that I can attach to the original CJ mounting. Anyone??
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