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Chrome cable wraps
ok... since my cables where all done i did this how to using my oil lines for my oil cooler... still the same idea though
what you need...
5/16 will do most cables and what not, may have to go a touch bigger on the cables for the tach and speedo (i did mine in side entry black... another write up for another day)

here is how you do it:
what you need,
1. cable or hose (what your wrapping)
2. lighter or heat gun
3. razor to clean up the wrap after it is heated
4. wire sleeving
5. shring wrap
6. Scissors

before you start cut it smooth and heat that end wiht a lighter to melt it together a bit... this will help keep the end together as you stretch it around to get it started on the item you are wrapping:

when you start to install this stuff go slow, push it up on the cable and then pull it down... it moves inch by inch (least it does on rubber, on reg cables it slides on pretty easy)

before you cut the wrap to length slide on your shrink wrap... it will make it SO much easier to get on without fraying up the ends

once you get the wrap to the lenght you want it you have to cut it... it will fray out a bit... i use a lighter to heat it up (it does spark up after a bit under the flame) just blow it out and use your finger to dab down the fray ends so it is melted tight

slide the shrink wrap over that and heat with lighter (or heat gun)

finished product:
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