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I have never done this before. Had a good look to see what's what to remove the carb from my bike.

Not necessarily in the right order BUT this is what I think it will take....

Turn off the petrol and remove the fuel pipe.
Unscrew and remove the choke assembly
take off the fuel over flow pipe

unscrew the metal ring which connects air flow pipe to the carb
unscrew left and right bolts which connects the carb at the back of the part of the engine where the two spark plugs sit

Rest of the carb does not seem to be connected to anything EXCEPT the top where I can see the throttle cable assembly. This is where I am not sure what to do. It is also hard to get to right under the fuel tank. Tank needs to be removed?

What tools would I need? do not have any on me yet

I may have missed a lot here but hopefully someone can help me to take this further step by step. Could not find any direct video or print.

Thanks in Advance!

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Just unscrew the top and carefully lift it away. Taking the tank off will help a little it's not a big job. A trip to member introductions to tell us a little about yourself wouldn't come amiss either as would a few pictures of what you are doing. We like pictures . . . . . . . :D
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