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Okay so there aren't too many places you can go on the interweb for a cb92 let alone share anything about them. I thought I would well change a little about that.
Welp, It started with my first bike I purchased "A black 1964 CA95" back in 2010. It didn't run worth crap, but it was all there and stock. Supposedly the previous owner rebuilt the motor "a totally different and frustrating story". I wanted to build a nice cafe racer. So long story short the bike sat for 5 years and not until January 2015 I found a shop that would ACUTALLY work on this old beauty. Eastside Performance out in Mesa, AZ know their stuff. All they work on are vintage bikes, especially Japanese. Below is a picture of my first bike that started my CB92 build.
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These twins really sound like baby monsters with straight pipes.
Not until around February 2015 I found out what a CB92 was. Its literally a Honda factory cafe racer! Well with all my research on the bike I come to find out 1: the bike is expensive as crap (especially parts) 2: Where the HECK does one look for parts! Well answer to that...Ebay. Well not all was ebay, but a good chunk.
Since I had a touring version of the notorious racer why not make a replica CB92? Or what I was really thinking was buy as many CB92 parts as I possibly can.

The Verrry first thing I bought for my bike...the CYB Tachometer...LOL. I have no Idea why I did as my bike didn't even come with the tach option as it was deleted in 1964. A pic of the tach
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Pricey little guy but it gave me motivation to keep building.
My next part I located on Ebay... The sweet curved kick start arm, NOS at that!
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There was much intensity trying to get the kick start arm as I had to shark it last second of the auction. Not like the tach where there was a "buy it now" option.

So after receiving the kick start arm (and assembling the bastard using the kick start parts from my CA95) I then moved onto my next Ebay search, a replica windscreen from Ray Davis out in England. This is the purchase that opened the door to a lot more parts as he is in charge of the CB92 only site Ray has been making numerous replica parts that usually go out on the bikes or smaller parts that are hard to locate. His site is also a registry. So if you have a CB92 contact him as he loves to see what cb's are out there.
Ray not only had replica replacements, but also used or NOS parts. So I got new NOS footsteps, rear brake bushings, rear brake spring, NOS chrome fork caps with new spring to hold the caps. The list went on!
After my contact with Ray I went back to Ebay. This time expanding out to the UK ebay. Which was a freaking great idea because this is where I found the notorious TANK!! So beautiful with its lines.
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Funny thing is I never did bid on the tank. I contacted the gentleman through ebay after a short day of it on there. Asked if he would ship to the US and threw out a number to see if he would bit and end the auction early.. He did of course. Woo. Only downfall was there where two broken off bolts on the front mounts of the tank and two broken bolts out of three for the petcock. Luckily I'm patient with a drill and tap.

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After receiving the tank it was like my own little christmas. I'm finally touching a reaaal CB92 tank at that it is also mine. I installed the new front and rear tank mounts (also purchased from Ray) and attempted to mount it to my CA95 Frame. It fit a little weird, that then I realized the different rear mounting locations of the CA95 tank and the CB92's tank. Those familiar with the CA95 frame you need to drill out the spot welds of the tanks rear mounting bracket. Once removed the tank looked at home. But then realized the CA95 seat will not work with the CB92 tank. The seat is too freaking long! The front mounting location for the seat was all wrong as well.
At this time I thought where the heck or when will a CB92 seat present itself on ebay or anywhere at that. I've seen more tanks than any seat sold on Ebay. (don't like to talk about my first attempt purchasing a cb92 tank off there, but know to ask before seconds are left to an auction if you are allowed to bid on an out of the country ebay listing)

Now for my "stolen purchase" I got off of Ebay. Thats right. I found my seat. Probably all but a couple weeks after receiving my gas tank a listing came up on ebay...
"CB93 Seat Benly". I thought to myself why not click on it and take a look. At the time I didn't even know what a CB93 was. So I casually browsed the pictures. At this time "and presently still listed" there was a red stock seat for a CB92 also listed, but it was in need of repairs and also listed for over 500 bucks! I knew I've seen the distinctive lines of the seat as well as the different front and rear mounting positions of the so called CB93 seat before. Boom it hit me. Thats a freaking CB92 SEAT!! I went back between the two listings and sure enough everything was the same. Only thing different was the CB93 seat someone totally redid it with the cafe bump to mimic the CYB CB92 seat. (which was okay with me). I followed the auction like a hawk and nailed it last second of the auction like the kick start arm for half the price of the broken CB92 seat!!
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And now for the before and afters with the different tanks from the CA95 and CB92.
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After the seat and gas tank mock ups I came to realize I needed a special bracket to mount the front of the seat and the back of the tank. Had nooo luck on ebay and google did me no justice. I'm always looking for small inexpensive parts on ebay that I can replace with new ones since the CB92 and CA95 share many of the same parts. One of which was a horn button. Yep just the plastic portion of the switch. A guy that had it was out here in Phoenix, az. So naturally I asked him if i could just pick it up (save on shipping). When picking up the tiny horn button the guy tells me he has an entire trailer of NOS honda parts he bought years ago (most of which are many bolts). Naturally I asked if I could look around. Unfortunately he didn't have the bracket I needed but got some sweet upper NOS front suspension bolts ( the chrome on these are always rusted). I told him about my replica I'm building and the part that I desperately need. He goes inside his house leaving me in the trailer. Comes back 5 min later with a paper that has a part number, item description, and telephone number. He said call this guy. He has TWO of the brackets I need! Now my seat and tank can stay planted.

Here is a pic of my Tank, side covers, and seat resprayed.
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Love the silver. Shows off the sexy cures.

I don't have the proper front and rear brake setup yet, but I have my temp front wheel (cb77 hub/wheel) and rear wheel (CA95 hub relaced into an 18" rim)
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Found an original CB92 tank pad also on Ebay. No cracks or anything and still pliable. No one was bidding on it so I messaged the guy what his bottom dollar was and scored the sweet tank pad to finish off the tank
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And of course the crown jewel on top.

I customly made the cap to fit the standard honda tank and not the early wide mouth screw on fuel caps. You can see it mounted on the tank pics above.

Apollo Air Pump... In case my tire goes flat?
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By now you're thinking, "I thought this was a CB92 thread not some replica racer" Well this is where It changes. One day I was in contact with Ray Davis either for CB92 guidance (I do it a lot since this guy knows his stuff) or I was trying to buy more stuff (more cb92 stuff the better). Well he would always ask me to register my bike with him. Since I never came clean that I was in the process of building a replica I always neglected the question. I finally came clean to him, and he respectfully let me know I was wasting my time as the bike will never be worth anything (which he's right). He called what I was making a quote on quote "A Mongrel" and will always be one. I laughed at that portion of the email because thats such a good word that's never used. Ray then proceeded to tell me he had a frame, complete front forks, C92 swing arm and headlight bucket from a 64 CB92 laying around taking up space, and that he would let me have first crack at it!! I felt like a light was beaming down on me at that moment.

After a month of finding the best way to ship I took ownership of the parts by way of air freight. Took Maybe a week from that was service!
Some pics of the truck reaching my house. I was too excited.
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Now I do have a question about the swing arm if anyone can chime in. Pic Below
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For most CB92's the swing arms did not have passanger footrests. They were perfectly smooth. Ray was telling me that the swing arm was from a c92 prior to purchasing the bike. Well I wasn't expecting anything special until I took hold of the SA which I believe is a true CB92 swing arm, but with passenger peg holes?
The SA has the correct mounting point for the rear stay which is further forward on the swing arm rather than bolting to the peg location. And the welds look completely factory for the rear stay bracket. Also which tipped me off was the center of the SA is dented inward (assuming to make room for the bigger 18" wheels rather than the 16's ca95's had). But the dent inward is completely flawless as if it was made from the factory. I know Honda was starting to get lazy near the production end of the bike. (at the end of 1964 they were using more ca95 parts like their exhaust tubes). I also feel I've read about the swing arm changing somewhere.
If anyone knows please shine some light. I can provide more pics if need be.

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In my mind I want to be able to ride this bike. There are plenty of these bikes that are pristine, locked away, and shown, but I want to be the one dumb enough to actually take the bike out and enjoy it. (ballsy I know) Not many people know this bike exists, hell its Honda's first CB!

So back to the parts, my plan is to have everything powdercoated black (black was an actual color option in 1964) as I do plan to ride this bike.
I had everything glass beaded of course for closer inspection. Saw a minor ding on the headlight bucket and that was it. So I thought. When inspecting the frame I noticed the rear fender looked to have been hit from behind at one point and carelessly welded back together crooked. (smh)

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Absolutely frankensteined. Once again and luckily for me Ebay rescues me. A NOS Honda replacement rear fender!
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On further inspection of the frame I noticed the entire lower half was shifted over to the right! MOTHER........ See pics.

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I'm in contact with a motorcycle frame repair shop in my area that has been around for 30 plus years and gave me a quote of 400 bucks to correct it. Supposedly these guys are the best. This is where I currently am at in the build. I'm hoping they can spot weld the new rear fender in place as well seeing if they actually have spot welder.

Random question. I need to register the frame. Out in England I'm told they don't have titles for their motorbikes not like we have here in the states.
What do I need to do to get a clean title in my name since this bike has never been on US soil until now?

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Well its been a while since I've posted. On the break from building I've been collecting parts I've needed. A major one that I have picked up is the front fender. I've been able to find a few here and there but never able to pull the trigger. Only paid $259 out in Japan. Not bad for a fender that will go for 600 plus on Ebay. Automotive exterior Auto part Fender Metal
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I was also able to pick up a NOS cb72 handle bars again out in japan. I've been using replicas (which I'm okay with), but am deciding to go for all original honda parts. Those auctions you can find some great stuff if patient. Only paid $75 bucks.
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These next parts I pick up from a new friend Ray Ambrose. He has really helped out tremendously. As you seen I FINALLY got my rear strut cover "in aluminum" I might add. They are a little dented but will clean up nicely when repaired. Also I picked up another bottom handle bar clamp. I never thought I would own two complete sets of theses handle bar clamps, but this one is in better shape and will buff out great. I also received a NOS speedo drive plate, and a cb92 left dyno cover (to accommodate for the shorter shift shaft I yet to have lol).
Product Auto part Wheel

I think the part I like the most is the NOS CB92 racekit starter delete. I was fortunate enough to have another great friend Ray Davis to help with this hard to come piece. The delete blocks off where the starter would be while saving at least 5Lbs from the heavy starter. On a little (now) 150cc bike you'll save all the weight you can. pics below Metal

Lastly I was able to finally find a decent left brake stay.
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