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CB77 Petock Problem - Can't Just Fix One Thing?!

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Hey Folks!

The other day my fuel valve lever snapped! D'oh!!!

I was able to find an exact lever replacement from an ebay seller. I opened everything up to replace the lever, and replaced the lever, but now, the cover and two screws doesn't seem to put enough pressure on the lever to keep it flush against the crush gasket and rubber gasket, meaning I get gas weeping out from the bottom.

That wavy metal washer, does it need to be positioned in exactly a certain way?

I am thinking that my old petcock on/off/res lever face, crush washer and rubber seal were worn against each other in exactly the right way to maintain a seal, but the rubber has probably compressed over time and a new lever face doesn't match it quite right. I probably need to replace all the seals. RATS.

Am I possible missing something? Any advice?
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Unfortunately, there aren't any good reproduction petcocks for the superhawk. There are reproductions that will attach to the tank, but most of them have the outlets on the wrong side and lack the inlet for the crossover tube. That's why used petcocks in good condition cost so much.
That one does not have a connection for the crossover tube, and the outlets are on the wrong side for a CB77. The left sided outlets will cause problems routing the fuel lines.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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