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CB450 K0 14C carb upgrade kits Genuine Keihin / Honda Parts ......issued 'back-in-the-day' by Honda to cure carburation problems, inc. 4k RPM flat-spot and also vacuum piston return. These are hens teeth parts ... you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere because if you note the parts they are modified by Honda and have -315 or -305 suffixes at the end of the part number. They originally came from Honda UK's Service Department. (see attached instruction sheet).

Please note these are for 1965-1966 built bikes with 14C carbs. If your carbs have been upgraded the tell tale sign is a marking of 2 Roman Numeral II after the 14C stamping on the carb body i.e. 14C II

Each Kit Contains:-

2 Off 99174-03594 #35 Pilot Jet
2 Off 16154-283-315 Jet Needle
2 Off 16139-283-305 Jet Needle Holder
2 Off 16186-283-305 Vacuum Piston Spring

DOES NOT INCLUDE 99135-03594 #35 Slow Jets BUT (Available still from CMS and David Silver by special Order).

£65 Plus Postage (Kits contains parts for both carbs)

Advertised for sale also on other sites .I currently have 9 kits to sell. When they are gone I can't get any more.

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