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Posted in my project log - but in case it doesnt get any traction there:

Trying to replace my valve stem seals - the cap that goes over the valve guide - and it doesn't appear to fit correctly.

It doesn't seat all the way. Sitting loose with the only the fork holding it doesn't feel right.
Can't find anything in the factory manual about a technique to replace it, and I don't want to force it and damage anything. Any advice?

This is for a CB450 K0, and I am assuming the valve guides are original.
I'm using P/N 14791-319-005.


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14791-319-005 is the superseded part number and should work......It appears correctly installed to me in your picture.....
The rubber layer below the metal edge seals it to the head/guide, and the seal lip for the stem is obvious....
No oil "sneaks" from under or from the top......
AFAIK, the part you linked to on ebay is the "underside" rubber seal FOR the original metal cap, which holds the (top) stem seal on....

This is the best I can remember....IF Bill (tbpmusic) contradicts me, follow whatever he says: HE is the 450 Guru....
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