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CB450 Oil Cooler Relocation

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I blew my cb400 motor and found a 1982 cb450. I have a rigid frame and the oil cooler is causing clearance issues with the motor mounts. Is it possible to relocate the oil cooler? Or remove it all together? I'd like to keep it if possible, but I have down tubes compared to the original frame. Maybe shaving the fins down?
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A few options for you:
1) swap lower cases with a 400 engine, no oil pressure readings or light though.
2) drill and tap the existing case oil port holes to accept pipe fittings for running braided hoses to an oil cooler you mount somewhere. no oil pressure light or readings
3) block the oil ports using this piece so you keep the oil pressure switch so you have full circulation w/o a cooler and maintain the oil pressure light. Not 100% positive this piece fits but pretty sure.
Can you refer to which piece you speak of in option 3. I have no link to it.
Well boogers, I thought I attached a link
Oil Pressure Switch Base 1986 Honda CMX450C Rebel 450 | eBay
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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