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Dear forum friends,

I have a very nice and quite rare NOS CB450 twin cilinder head, pistons (x2), piston ring sets (x2) and piston pins (x2) for sale. They are all complete new, NOS, in original packaging and of course never used. An ideal set for someone with a CB450 that needs a complete top end overhaul. This set should fit all cb450s, from k0 to k7.
I acquired these pieces from an ex honda-employee and intended to use it on my K1. But my cilinder head tolerances are just fine so there is probably someone who needs it more than I do.

Those things don't come cheap of course (see e.g. CMS website for an example on pricing), but I don't need a crazy offer. So, if you're interested, make a fair offer in this thread or contact me personally to discuss. I'd prefer to sell the whole lot as a set, I think they should stay together and be installed on one bike.

Location is Belgium, but we can discuss shipping options if relevant.

Let me know if you want more pictures or information.

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