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Black Bomber Valves

I've got my hands on a very rare set of valves for a Honda CB450 K0 (1965,66, and 67). I purchased these for my Black Bomber rebuild, but realized just in time that these are specific to the K0 models with engine serial number 1011935 or earlier. Honda made a change in valve specs in the middle of the K0 production run.

They are NOS. Other than some signs of age from sitting around for 50 years, they are in perfect condition and ready to go.

This post is for all 4 valves: 2 Exhaust and 2 Intake.

Honda Part Numbers:

VALVE, IN. - Use up to Engine SN 1011935

VALVE, EX. - Use up to Engine SN 1011935

I'm asking $120 plus shipping.



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