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I have a few CB450 and CB500T parts for sale. All prices are OBO, plus shipping. I have more pictures of each of the parts. Email or PM me and I can get you more pictures. [email protected]

1972 CB450 Carbs: They were pulled of a non running bike (engine was locked up.) So I have never had them on a running bike. Some of the jets are missing. The one bowl is pretty dirty. Just needs to be cleaned. $30 for the set.

1975 CB500T Carbs: Again, pulled off a non running bike. Some jets missing. Both are pretty clean. $50 for the set

1975 CB500T Cylinders: Some surface rust on cylinder wall, but overall clean. Need to be honed. $50.

1975 CB500T Pistons and Wrist Pins: Out of the same engine as the cylinders. Some normal wear on the pistons skirts. I cleaned one of the pistons up to see if I could get the deposits off of it. Wrist Pins have some wear as well. No piston rings or clips. $50 for the set.

I have more parts that I will list when I get a chance.

Thanks for looking.
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