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So it has been some time since i got my bike and i do believe i have gotten the hang of my CB400N, it runs great and has no problems, so i am starting to look into doing some modifications to it. but that has to wait since i do not have the time (i do, but it is summer) to modify it at the moment. but it is extremely warm right now so i decided to freshen up my starter motor since it did not look that great after sitting in a carport for 8 years before i bought the bike.
so a bit of polishing work and a can, annnnnnnnnd I've ruined it... sadly the iron part in the middle did not look that great anymore so i cleaned it and covered it with some aluminum aka a monster can. same type of can we fixed the the crankshaft bearing cup in the OG CBR 900 RR engine, which off course have worked for the last 60000km, but enough of that, getting off track.
i scuffed the rear side of the can and glued it on with some sikaflex 221 so that water cannot mate with the surface anymore.

besides all of this i am gathering some light materials to make a rear fender delete and looking into shortening the seat.
light is key since i am looking into getting my race license, and shredding as much weight without removing anything that makes it feel like the bike like is supposed to, i think the cb400n is set up superbly as is, i don't wanna race between some cafes.
i will also look into CX 500 triple trees swap to get the fork height adjustment i want, they supposedly uses the same frame neck tube and bearings. not sure if it will change the geometry but it might be good for adjusting the weight balance since the easiest parts to eliminate are at the rear. no frame cuts are a must since i want to be able to return to stock.
the starter sticks out like a sore thump as it was, this picture is a little old please do not mind the gaffartape holding on the blinker, they have been replaced with some aftermarket lookalikes.

The bike has been great so far and I would recommend it as a stater bike to anyone, i do not feel like replacing it even though I've been on track with some more interesting bigger displacement bikes, my dad says he wants to trade my cb400n for his CBR900RR when i get my free CC license, but i think this is a keeper, that or i might import a CB400 super hawk III R from japan to get the version with rear disc breaks.
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