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cb400a 1978, what carbs can replace the vb24a?

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I am offered a 1978 cb400a but the carbs had been stolen from it. It looks good so I'd hate to have to part it out when it could be restored. What other carbs can be adapted to fit in place of the vb24a?


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Any of the A model carbs will work, 1978 CB400A, 1979-81 CM400A and the CM450A. The Manual carbs will not work.
I found another post in these forums where it appears that any of the vb24 carbs can fit, if jets are changed.

Thank you.
Correct, the VB24 carbs are for the A model. No need to change jets.
Swapped a VB24C from a '80 CM400A onto my '78 CB400A and it runs fine and dandy. Accel pump on the 24C does make a positive difference on the CB400A.
Thank you!
Now the challenge is to find a vb24 of any model.

Thanks, again.
Nothing worth buying on eBay right now, everything listed is garbage. Time for salvage yard phone calls, these are ones I've dealt with and been happy
Redding Cycle Salvage (530) 246-9135
Cycle Heap in Portland OR
Mike's in Salem OR (503) 339-7377
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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