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So this bike will take the next 8 to 12 months to build so please be patient with me. The plan is to do a Toothless build for my wife. So with that in mind let the fun begin!!

So I wanted to post this up so I have it up here the day that I purchased her for the fair price of $400.

The project plan:
  • Paint tank to have the fins running down the middle.
  • Custom small cafe fairing with dual lights.
  • custom seat to look like the toothless sadle.
  • custom foot rests to look those from "How to train your dragon"
  • Front forks painted to look his lightning attack
  • Tank powder coated to look like his front legs
  • Rear forks powder coated to look like the rear legs
  • The engine will be completely dismantled. And ALL seals and gaskets replaced.
  • Rebuild of the carbs.
  • Spoke tires powder coated

These images do not give it justice. Once it is dismantled I will take close up pictures. I just wanted to get something up.
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