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CB360 Timing adjustment way off

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Hey all, so while tuning my CB360 using a timing light, the only way to get the strobe to pulse at LF and F for each cylinder respectively is to rotate the points wheel very far counter clockwise to the point where I cant put the points cover back on the head. Do I have the points cam put in backwards? Or is my cam misaligned? I would appreciate if someone could take a picture of the key location on the end of the cam while the bike is at LF on compression, or some other comparable position. Thanks! Picture attached of how far I have to rotate the mechanism!
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Sounds like you need to check out the spark advancer, it may need to be freed up and lubed.
Already did. Its fully freed up and lubed. Maybe I placed the actual timing cam 180 degrees out of alignment when I reinstalled it in the advancer? I will check.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts