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CB360 Timing adjustment way off

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Hey all, so while tuning my CB360 using a timing light, the only way to get the strobe to pulse at LF and F for each cylinder respectively is to rotate the points wheel very far counter clockwise to the point where I cant put the points cover back on the head. Do I have the points cam put in backwards? Or is my cam misaligned? I would appreciate if someone could take a picture of the key location on the end of the cam while the bike is at LF on compression, or some other comparable position. Thanks! Picture attached of how far I have to rotate the mechanism!
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Sounds like you need to check out the spark advancer, it may need to be freed up and lubed.
The alignment pin should be at the 12 o'clock, with the crank at the "LT" mark lined up with the pointer. Roll it forward one turn, to the firing position, and the pin will be at 6 o'clock, the left hand set of points beginning to open.
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