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CB360 rear shock replacement.

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Is there any reason why these wouldn't fit? ... 1e58b16db3
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Cant see why not, it has the base clevis mount (2 actually). Only measurement to be concerned about is that clevis to spring distance...gotta be long and thin to clear the chain guard, but it looks pretty good....

I will also need rear shocks, since mine are non stock and totally rooted. PO bent the chain guard out to clear the spring.
Cool. I'm not using my chain guard so I guess i'm money.
Remember, the SPRINGS control how hard the ride is.....The Nitrogen controls the damping......Just because they'll fit doesn't mean they'll work well/comfortably..... Those seem to be sprung for a larger, heavier bike.....might be too "stiff' for a 360...???... Just FYI....
I'm looking for heavy duty as im 225lbs. Don't care much for handling at this point. I just need it to be better than whats on there now.

Do you know of any other replacments?
The stock 360 shocks hold me (195 lbs) and my girlfriend (150?) plus around 30 pounds of gear just fine. I cranked the load to the 3rd setting on the stock shock and it's a lot less bouncy now.
I think i'll go with progressive suspension. This stuff on ebay is chinese garbage.
Dirtbag said:
I think i'll go with progressive suspension. This stuff on ebay is chinese garbage.

You're far better off doing that. There are lots of bad reviews on the net about those shocks..

GB :mrgreen:
Anyone know of a reputable online site for ordering progressive shocks?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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