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CB360 ongoing work

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So its still here, like had guessed. I've had 5 people email me for more pictures, telling me they are alll "very interested" and yet nobody has come to look at it. So this weekend i had enough to afford a 1/2" hammer drill and had a 5/8" drill bit in the garage. I went ahead and drilled the bastard out and the helicoil tries to thread it snuggly. I suppose later this week i'll pick up the 45 dollar kit from napa and seal that bizzle in.

I was using a compression style ignition tester. Mostly cause it was 3.99 at harbor freight and I always heard there were great for older things and small engines. Well lately i've become the neighborhood lawn mower repair guy. I thought pic one up and see how nice it is. Well something interesting happpened. My plugs on the twin are carbon fouled to the extreme. This is with less than 6 miles. I noticed with the compression tester i got one hell of an intermitant spark. I then noticed my batteries voltage was 11.59 at state of charge. I'm almost beginning to wonder if the stator isn't working.

I'll find out once i put the new plug in later this week. I figured i might as well fix it since having it run fine when someone looks at it may sell better than "i swear it only needs this done." I still don't plan on going much farther with it after this but if nobody comes by within the next week i may do some more work on it. I still don't really want to but i have this feeling i may keep it. Anybody have a triple clamp for a broke jobless bastard such as myself?? lol

I don't have much but i'm willing to neogotiate some prices. I may get lucky this week though. I went to a ford dealer this week and actually seemed to be pretty interested in myself. So maybe i'll have a job and :) get the stupid 4 foot tall 6 foot wide tool chest out of my garage and back into a shop. Plus its withing minutes from where i live so i'm really hoping i get this. Plus since i'm also staying with my parents and virtually have no bills i'm ok with very few labor hours a week. It would be more than i'm banking now thats for sure.
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sakibomb said:
i think the seats on my kawasaki have begun to wear out.
Did you mean to say Honda? coz I'm confused...

Adjusting float level in any way other than spec will give you more running problems. Have you given it a solid ride at speed and looked at the plugs yet? That would be a more accurate plug reading. A quickie around the block isn't enough to guage the plugs on.

If you respect your mate, tell him it needs carb kits before you sell it to him :)
I'm glad you scored a new job bro, and I'm glad your gonna go through with the build...hopefully you'll reap the rewards of riding it soon enough :cool:
You can get a length of all-thread for that engine/peg mount. I'll be doing the same since mine has a bend on one end. You can have it if you wanna pay for postage, but all-thread would be much cheaper.

Why would ya wanna pour carb cleaner through the lines for a simple flow test? Use fuel...and if your o-rings and such are ill fitting thats a clear indication of whats up.
Geez mate, those mufflers are a bit shaggy...maybe spending a little extra will net you a pair that you would be happier with in the long run? These look pretty rusty where it counts...
Have you synched the carbs? I recommend getting a pair of screw in ports just like Hogie did and making up a simple vaccuum guage to eliminate one more possibility from your ****-list.
sakibomb said:
As for the vaccum lines i may hit up a hardware store tomorrow or find someone that would have something i could use. I only have one Vac. gauge but i could still do things one at a time.
Dude, did you even look at Hogies pages? Screw the hardware store, just order in the 5mm adapters from Motion muss-no fuss. As for the synch guage you can make one for only a few dollars that will do both carbs together (hence the synching).

I strongly recommend you synch the carbs before pointing the stick at other carby curiosities.
I was under the impression that all non-transistor ignition systems benefited from 0 ohm caps....
Heres a cheap home-made carb synch tool:
I thought resistor plugs/caps were to limit the awesome power of transistor ignition systems...
The posties that cater to Steves bike parts must be crack heads. I too have never received the centrestand he mailed out 6 months ago...
The people should expect more from their councils and governments...but I'm not gonna get started on sakis thread..............
I wouldnt call hardtailing a cheap exercise...if you go it anyway make sure you jig the frame perfectly!
Ali Oop...


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sakibomb said:
Guess i'll have to rummage through all my pictures and see if i accidentally caught myself doing something.

Leethal, quiet
Damn're onto me... :cool:
Mine seemed excessively sunk for a locating pin, or so I thought. I placed the bearing on it and lined it up, and to my satisfaction it located well and once the case was torqued down I felt confident that the bearing would not slip.

But.....I've not yet turned a wheel in anger...

Try seating the bearing on it, I'm sure you'll find that tiny amount of clearance will suffice.
Normal thread...clockwise to tighten....anti-clockwise to loosen.

I got me the 'Motion Pro' tool for $9....was gonna screw up an old socket but my sockets are good quality and were a gift from my grandpa.
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