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Cb360 oil filter screen

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Does anyone in the U.K. Know where I can get a new plastic oil filter screen that fits on to the oil pick up in the Clutch housing. If not does anyone got a decent spare one I could buy. I tried David silvers but apparently all the us stock of oil pickups don't have the screen with them. I could reuse mine if desperate but it's gone all brittle and distorted .
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Hi Nedster; you'll have to identify which version oil pump pickup you've got fitted to your bike to make sure you get the correct screen. There were problems with the oil starving when the bike was running on the side stand, and the strainer was changed to correct this. It is in the FSM, but I don't have access to a copy at the mo.
Hi Nigel. Im not sure which pick up I have but the part number is 15421369000. I hope this may help.
You either have two, or Three bolts (earlier version) holding it onto the block; sorry I can't be more specific at the moment I'm not at home. There are a couple on EBay right now item#172619106944 and #381777051927.
Hi Nigel . Mine is definitely the 3 bolt version. Are you saying that there is an upgrade.if so do you advise I do that?
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Thanks to crazyPJ for this info....
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