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Hi everybody!

I came to purchase this 1975 CB360 beginning of May and I am loving it. Being somewhat mechanically competent myself I decided to catch up on any delated maintenance jobs myself. I followed the instructions on the Clymer's manual (I was supplement that with the CB360 shop manual I found online). I started off with the cam chain tensioner adjustment, then did the valves, followed by ignition timing and carb idle adjustment.

After having done all of thought I thought that the metallic noise would go away, however, it is still present. I found some other posts on the forum from people reporting a noise of similar nature and it seems that it could be the cam chain tensioner/guide. The problem is that neither of those posts feature a video of the sound I cannot be certain that my issue is identical to theirs. Either way, I uploaded a video of the noise to youtube and you can check it out here - CB360 Engine noise video

I would really appreciate any help in identifying the issue. It would be awesome to get this beauty of bike running quiet again.

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