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CB360 is almost done

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So the other day i got bored and pieced together almost the entire bike. I still need std piston rings but have found a site that has them in stock. I just need the money to order them. However i found some interesting things.

I took apart the main switch and cleaned all the contacts as the headlight and all other lights took a few seconds to "warm up" after which point that would go full power. As in from dim to ....ON. Will i got rid of the corrosion in the connectors and switch contacts. A pain but something that needed care.

Now i was going to look at the last three things bugging me. Now i know i don't REALLY need a high beam indicator since there's a switch for it and i'm inches from the headlight but it bugs me. So i'm tracking that down. The neutral idicator doesn't work, however after finding no cont' between the switch and the case i took the switch out and pressed on it and checked. Switch checks good, i look inside and..................something is missing. Whatever is supposed to press against the switch internally on the shifter is ....gone lol.

So i guess i can consider that problem solved. So i guess i'll just ignore it being that i doubt i can really fix this without separating the case again and thats too much work for a stupid light when i can just click up once and slowly let out on teh clutch. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT detail.

I have no running tail light. I have a stop, but no tail. The switch cleaning dropped the resistance from 23M ohms to 1.1 ohms. Something i'm very happy to report. However i still have no tail. Fuse is good, but whats up here? I've got a wire diagram in font of me but i'm kinda confused. That and taking a break. After i tape up the wire and have it fixed i'll have some new pics for you guys. Its looking great so far.
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Haha so true Lee! When I first picked mine up I don't think I was able to ride the CB360 longer than 30 min without having something happen to it :lol:
My breather hose does the same thing. Does yours only start to puff after the engine gets hot after a 10 min or longer ride? I am guessing this normal.
Btw mine is just routed to a space under the swingarm. The smoke freaks out cagers who think my bike is about to blow up
Sorry to hear that, your project looked very promising :cry:

If that is your final decision, I would say part it out. No one is going to pay big bucks for the whole bike. I had a "mini freakout" and experimented with selling my un-jetted bike and the highest offer I got was 1/2 of what I paid for it!
Good luck with the posting!
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